Little can compare to the feeling of a deep, complete, heartfelt laughing spell. No matter your age, wealth, race, or living situation, life is good when laughter is frequent.

It’s a great tool to turn something bad into something good and people love to be surrounded by someone who can make them laugh. 

Being funny is something which can help you in every aspect of your life.

As Mark Twain once said:

“Studying humor is like dissecting a frog — you may know a lot but you end up with a dead frog.”

Nonetheless, we’re giving it a try.

Find below 4 simple ways for improving your sense of humor:

Watch Stand-Up Comedies

This is as simple as it gets. To increase your sense of humor watch more comedies. You learn more effectively when you immerse yourself in a subject (such as a language).

Similarly, you can refine your sense of humor by immersing yourself in humor. Watch standup comedians. Listen to podcasts that amuse you. Read humorous books.

There’s a lot of funny out there! If you don’t know where to start, look for something to your taste or start with something popular. Watching stand up and following the jokes can have your rolling out of your seat in no time. The law of attraction will help you increase your sense of humor by filtering out jokes, pickup lines and other metaphors that make people laugh.

Find The Humor In Every Situation

Sure, you can be angry at getting splashed with mud, stepping in dog poop, or inadvertently throwing a red towel in with the white laundry. In fact, that is probably the most normal response. But it doesn’t accomplish anything other than to put you in a sour mood.

Better to find a way to laugh at life’s little annoyances. One way to do that:

Think about it as if it happened to someone else, someone you like — or maybe someone you don’t.

In fact, keep running through the Rolodex in your head until you find the best person you can think of to put in your current predicament. Laugh at him, then laugh at yourself!

Be Witty, Not Silly

Silly humor can be a solid starting point for some audiences, but it can get old quickly. It also might make you look immature (which can be bad at work and in the eyes of some people).

Being witty on the other hand never gets old. If you’re looking to get wittier on the fly your goal is to combine spontaneous creativity with ideas that delight. Sarcasm and stale jokes do have a certain funny appeal, but being witty goes beyond that.

If you’re comfortable with it, you can also try your hand at wit in the real world (e.g., dinner parties, the office, the coffee shop, in the elevator, family reunions).

If you’re new to it, or nervous or reserved about it, you might have trouble speaking up quickly enough to time it properly. But once you get the hang of it, it will take your sense of humor to a whole new level.

Respond With Humor To Offends

For instance, if someone is always late, say,

“Well, I’m glad you’re not running an airline.”

Life is too short to turn every personal affront into a battle. However, if you are constantly offended by someone in particular, yes, take it seriously and take appropriate action.

But for occasional troubles, or if nothing you do can change the person or situation, take the humor response.